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March 1, 2022

Can I Borrow Your Car With Mike Garrison Part 2

Can I Borrow Your Car With Mike Garrison Part 2

Did you know that you could build any size business you want just with referrals? Mike Garrison continues his conversation with Kim and shares how you can create a system where you can predict referrals.

Mike Garrison

Anyone telling you that anything other than #referrals from your clients and strategic referral partners is the 'best way' to grow your business is lying to you. You should know better than to listen to these charlatans from your own personal experience.

There are a lot (99%) of the companies and individuals recommending using marketing technology or websites to make it 'easier' for you to grow your business. "We are the best way to connect you to your new clients."

Not the truth. You can trust referrals.

You can get all the referrals you need to maintain and grow your business from your current and future relationships.

You don't have to 'outsource' your #marketing to technology when all you really want is great relationships with clients that love you and share that with people they know.



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