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Feb. 10, 2023

Ep 321 - Exciting News From The Author to Authority Podcast With Kim Thompson-Pinder

In this shorter episode, Kim shares with you some exciting news about the podcast and how you can be featured on it.

In this shorter episode, Kim shares with you some exciting news about the podcast and how you can be featured on it.

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You are an entrepreneur, a professional, a speaker or a coach and although you've come a long way, it's time for you to take it to the next level. We've got you, this is the author to authority podcast. We'll help you use authority and influencer marketing to build your business stronger and faster by publishing a book. You'll hear from guests that are thought leaders and sales marketing, networking, communication, social media promotion and business leadership. Let's do it. This is the author to authority podcast now, your host, the Extraordinary Word, Ninja Kim Thompson-Pinder

Welcome to the Author to Authority podcast and I'm your host, Kim Thompson Pinder and today it's just me on the show, but I have some exciting news for you, the Author to Authority podcast listeners. You may have noticed this week that we did an episode on Monday and an episode on Wednesday and an episode today on the Friday. And yes, the Author to Authority podcast has gone to three episodes a week. Uh this was something that I've been wanting to do for a while now and I'm so excited to be able to offer you more expert guests that can come on the show and help you build your business bigger better, stronger and faster. And if you are around my age, uh you will know that that is a partial reference to the $6 million dollar man. Yes, I am that old, but I'm just excited about where the podcast is going. I've wanted to really build this out and make it a premier podcast for you, the listener.

So I also wanted to let you know that come March, hopefully the beginning of March, but might be the middle of March. We are also going to be going to five episodes a week. Yes, you heard that correctly? Five episodes a week. So we will have three guest, three guest episodes every week where I bring on vetted experts in different areas to help you.

Back in 2021, I can't believe it's been almost two years now. I switched podcast host. So if you don't know anything about podcast, sort of like how you host your website, you have to have a place where you host your podcast. And I switched to a new podcast host, which was better for me. The problem was, was that I did something wrong. I still have no clue what I did, but I lost 88 episodes that you, the listeners can no longer access, including an amazing interview with Bob Burg of the Go Giver series. So starting in March, we're going to be releasing a from the vault episode each week where I'll go back through those 88 episodes and pick out the best ones for you. So, they will be from the vault.

Also, I want to do some teaching and training on specific author to authority marketing things. And so they will be short brief 5-15 minute episodes once a week as well. So this is really going to expand out what we're offering on the podcast and I really hope that you're going to enjoy it now. We have a new podcast website coming. The author, sorry, AuthorToAuthorityPodcast.com. Let me say that again. Author to authority podcast dot com. And I'm hoping by the time you listen to it that it will be finished being set up, you have to transfer domain names and sometimes that can take a while. But I'm hoping if you go there that the site will be live, but if not within the next few days the site will be live and ready to use.

And one of the exciting things about it is is that you as a listener are going to be able to now leave voicemails. If you have a question about something that's on the show, if you have a comment that you like to share, if you have something that you've heard, it's just really made a difference in your business and you want to share it. There's gonna be a spot where you can go record a voice mail to me and guess what your voicemail may end up in a future episode of the Author to Authority podcast.

So I want to encourage you even now to just start preparing, you'll have 90 seconds to share and I would love to feature you on the show and thank you for being uh author to authority podcast listener. You'll be able to join the mailing list. So you will get once a week weekly emails about the podcast, about the guests and about things and some teaching and training. That's going additional teaching training, that's going to help you take your business to the next level. The website will have a blog, so if you like reading blogs, there's going to be blog articles for their there'll be a new listener section.

So if you're new to the podcast, you'll be able to go in and just see a highlight of of some of the really great episodes. You'll be able to search the podcast by categories, we're gonna be uploading transcripts, they will be the videos of these shows. So this is an amazing website that I'm looking forward to building out for you. the listener.

Wow, that is a lot, and I just want to take a moment and just thank you so much for being a part of the author to Authority Tribe and for listening into the podcast, I will keep you updated on everything going on in the show, but don't forget to go check out the website, Author to authority podcast dot com and leave us a voicemail because you may be featured on the author to authority podcast. Thank you so much for listening everyone and we'll see you on the very next episode. Bye now,

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